Instagram: Let Your Followers Take the Lead

Sophia Bernazzini’s article about successful Instagram campaigns only reinforces what I’ve spent my time in Social Media Tools and Strategies learning: your customers want to have a genuine emotion about your brand or an experience with your products. They want to feel like they’re a part of something.

This led me to brainstorm a few Instagram posts I am planning on creating in the near future. For one thing, I am doing a bridal show in September (which you should totally check out!) and I think in the weeks leading up to it, I can post photos or videos related to:

  • my own wedding, such as photos and memories of my great day
  • small detailed shots of wedding items with beloved quotes about love and marriage
  • people looking at my bridal products and reacting to them
  • questions or “opinion polls” to engage followers directly

There are also a few holidays and events coming up (fall, back-to-school, Halloween, etc.), which would be an excellent time to experiment with:

  • cohesive, fall-themed graphic design posts about events and products
  • reposts of people who receive one of my cards or prints as a gift
  • #TBT of myself and my family at Halloween time, sharing traditions that matter to me and are relatable to others 🎃
  • customer reviews from Etsy, vendor sales, etc. as text graphics

Overall, I think I use Instagram for my artwork and products pretty effectively, but I don’t start a lot of conversations through my posts. That’s how The UPS Store, Aerie, and other large companies have been able to use Instagram to become a part of their customers’ lifestyle. Do you feel connected to the brands and shops you follow on Instagram? How do you engage as a follower? Does it differ from the way you engage as a creator and/or business?

Om nom nom!

Will return Holiday 2017,


The Perfect Gift


Looking for the perfect gift? Visit our Etsy to find the right card for all the special people and events in your life!

(Inspired by Phil Cooke’s article, “Reach More People With Your Message.” Like my other post based on this piece, my marketing focuses on the specific wants of my key demographic and shows it as a fun activity [finding the perfect gift] rather than an ordinary transaction.)

What’s Your Love Story?


Tag @tiny.revelations on Instagram and use the hashtag #tinylove to share your love story. How do you share your love? Grand gestures or sweet little somethings?

This post was inspired by Phil Cooke’s article, “Reach More People With Your Message.” The idea is to connect consumers with a positive idea that reflects their own lifestyle and values rather than simply the products themselves. With this advertisement (created in Canva, one of my favorite desktop editing tools!), and an interactive element through Instagram, I’m “selling” the notion of love rather than greeting cards.