Snapchat Stories

I love the Internet. I’ve been using it in one form or another since I was nine years old, and I was very “up” on things all the way through my first undergraduate career in college. I vlogged, I forumed, I Livejournaled, I was an early Twitter adopter (before you could share links or photos easily, oh my!)…

…Then came smartphones, and I felt like a deer in the headlights.


A literal picture of me hearing about iPhones in 2009. (Photo used with permission under Creative Commons)

So it should come as no surprise that Snapchat is just above my digital comprehension. However, with multi-platform marketing and social connection driving relationships between consumers and businesses, I know I need to integrate it into my social media strategies. Reading Sophia Bernazzini’s article detailing Snapchat Stories was really helpful to me as I planned my own Snapchat Story this weekend.

You can see a few screenshots below from my Story, which was an examination of some of my portfolios from the last few years. I tried to have some fun with text and filters while I was at it. How do you use Snapchat? Which do you create more frequently, story arcs or slice-of-life snaps?

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