The Busy Life

Reading Phil Cooke’s micro-article, “Are You Too Busy? Read This Before You Answer” is a fun, brief examination of how we spend our time. As a creative entrepreneur going to school and working a day job, my answer to this questions remains an exhausted, “YES!”

Most of my peers are engaged in what is trendily referred to as a “side hustle” of one kind or another. Freelance writers, Uber drivers, Etsy owners, or off-hour web developers. Ironically, I think the medium is what has changed, not the routine. Sure, some of us could pump out novel after novel in our spare time. But the equivalent now would be a well-organized digital portfolio of work, a series of high-quality Youtube videos, or…drum roll…a successful blogging career!

I’d argue that these days, we are all pretty genuinely busy, in spite of distractions. No offense to Anthony Trollope. #sidehustlelife

Conversely, I have tried lately to create blocks of true leisure time, and my husband and I force ourselves to do more traveling so we don’t work ourselves to death. Because I do agree with Cooke on one point: “busy” may be a way of life, but it’s a lousy status symbol.