Snapseed for Mobile Editing

In Power Social’s “5 Instagram Hacks You’ve Been Missing,” I learned about an app that’s been around for quite a while, but I had never seen before: Google’s mobile editing app, Snapseed.

This is simply one of the dozens of tutorials for the powerful little app available online. It’s touted as being particularly good for accentuating nature images, so I tried it out with some pictures of a flower garden I took a few weeks ago.


Before Snapseed


After Snapseed

The subtle changes in light, blur, and contrast successfully bring the vivid greens and yellows to the center. I definitely think the edited one draws the eye with a little more brightness and appeal.

A lot of my Instagram shares are of artwork, so I don’t think Snapseed would be ideal for those images which are already highly curated and edited. I do, however, think they could add pop to behind-the-scenes images or “day in the life” shots such as these. It’s easy to use and, in terms of tools and features, falls somewhere in between Instagram’s own filter/editing system and a more intensive editing program such as Adobe Lighroom.

How do you edit photos for social media? What’s your preferred app or method?