Exploring Shadowboxes: Video

Thanks for reading my blog post about my creative space! I wanted to share some of the art I make in here, so today we’re discussing small, ornamental shadowboxes. You can follow me on Youtube by clicking here!

What do you like to make in your spare time? Do you have a creative passion?


Sarah at Home: My Creative Space

Whether it’s a corner of the dining room table, a rented room in a co-sharing space, or a beloved coffee shop, everyone has their favorite place to create what they love. I’m fortunate enough to have a spare room that I was able to recently turn into my home office! After several days of aggressive decluttering, all this space needed to really bring it to its full potential was a better storage system, some fresh new rainbow decor (to help me think colorful thoughts!), and a renewed commitment to keeping this place clear of unnecessary debris.

It was a lot of work turning a multi-purpose spare room (that served triple-duty as a guest room, office, and overflow library) into a tidy work space, but to me, it was worth the effort. I can find my supplies much easier, and I can actually use my drawing surfaces without being cramped in a corner. Check out the details in my photo gallery!

Having a creative space to work on projects, study for class, or just recharge my batteries with a sketchbook and a cup of tea really helps me focus my efforts. It’s even allowed me the space to branch into new kinds of artwork, such as large canvas pieces and shadowboxes. You can see some of this recent artwork and more behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram and Facebook!

(This post was inspired by Phil Cooke’s chapter “Why Social Media Matters” in his book, Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social MediaBy showing you a little bit of my world, I hope to better connect with you through my art and my social media presence.)

Let me know what you think of this office transformation in the comments! Where is your favorite place to work and create? Do you have plans to change your own “creative space” in the future?