Sarah Caputo is an artist living in the Oklahoma City area. She specializes in illustration and mixed media. She also enjoys drawing webcomics and creating unusual greeting cards. Sarah’s art, prints, and other creative gifts are available for purchase through her small business, Tiny Revelations.

Sarah has shown works at The Barn, Graphite Elements & Design, The Venue OKC, and Rose State College. She also goes to many makers’ markets and trade shows, including Deluxe OKC and Indie Trunk Show.

She received her first Bachelor of Art degree from the University of Iowa in 2009, majoring in Cinema. She went on to spend several years working in early childhood education, focusing her energies on bringing arts education into her classrooms. In 2015, she returned to college to pursue her passion for art and design, fueled in equal part by her love of visual storytelling in film school and her years watching children — completely fearless — create new and beautiful things every day. She currently studies Fine Art and Digital Graphic Design at Rose State College.

For inquiries, please contact Sarah at sarah.tinyrevelations@gmail.com