Fans, Friends, and Facebook

Mari Smith’s article, “Should You Merge Your Personal Facebook Account With Your Fan Page?”, goes over some of the ways businesses and Internet personalities engage with their fans and friends using Facebook. There are several ways to utilize this extensive platform — so which method is the best?

For me, I have a moderated personal page with a few public posts along with a connected fan page. It’s easier to administer the fan page from one hub account, and I can share easily between the timelines. For example, I can share personal posts of my cats or a special holiday event on my Facebook fan page just as easily as I can share business content to my friends and family. My “fans” feel that personal connection, and those close to me are able to keep up with my artwork and shows!


These guys are popular across accounts! Nibbler and Jade, two rowdy helpers.


3 thoughts on “Fans, Friends, and Facebook

  1. I think your idea to keep them somewhat connected is great. Probably a lot of your customers are also friends and family because you have a very personalized business that anyone can use.


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